Cherished Girl

Cherished Girl girly t-shirts are witty and powerful designs that express the fun and friendship girls of all ages share. Colorful, thoughtful, funny - and faith focused - wear them at the beach, at the mall - anywhere at all. From Tweens to Grandmas, these girly tee shirts are sweeping the country!

Cherished Girl t-shirts are from Kerusso’s line of Christian apparel and T-Shirts. The Cherished Girl t-shirts have cute, but meaningful designs that relate to girls of all ages and help them specifically to share God's Word with others. With Cherished Girl t-shirts, you’ll see lots of color, and you’ll laugh some, but most importantly, you’ll see Gospel centered messages. The T-Shirt Store USA is proud to partner with Cherished Girl T-Shirts. Check out our selection of Cherished Girl t-shirts in our online store today!

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The T-Shirt Store USA carries the latest and best of the Cherished Girl t-shirt brand, featuring t-shirts with cross designs, mason jars, feathers, flowers, anchors, glitter, hearts, and all things girls.

If you have a daughter, niece, sister, or other young lady in your life and you’re looking for a way to help her share her faith in a new and exciting way, then giving her the gift of a Cherished Girl t-shirt is the way to go! Give the gift of an adorable t-shirt that she will love to wear, and that will help her proclaim the Good News of the Gospel! Encourage and equip your young ladies to impact others, have meaningful conversations with others, and witness to others! The T-Shirt Store USA is happy to provide the tools to make witnessing easier and more effective for young ladies, and for everyone!

If you can’t find a Cherished Girl t-shirt that you like here, or you’re looking for a design for a boy, or an adult, then we highly recommend that you check out our other Christian t-shirts that we offer. And if you decide that you’re looking for a different type of t-shirt, then make sure to check out our other categories of t-shirts as well. We also carry: southern t-shirts, hunting t-shirts, funny t-shirts, military t-shirts, and breast cancer awareness t-shirts. You don’t want to miss out on any of the t-shirts that the T-Shirt Store USA has to offer! Make sure to also swing by the Featured Products section of our website so you can take a look at the special discounts and limited edition items.

You can feel good about your purchases from the T-Shirt Store USA, because when you buy a t-shirt from us, you’re not just buying a t-shirt for yourself. With every t-shirt that is purchased, we donate a Christian t-shirt to a child in need. So you can enjoy adding to your wardrobe while also helping to provide for a child in need.

Please remember that we need your help to live out this mission, which is to spread love, hope, and faith by providing children in need with new t-shirts with positive messages. We cannot do this without you. We need you to partner with us, join the mission, and purchase t-shirts through the T-Shirt Store USA. Thank you in advance for your support!